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Still Renting?

Still Renting? Let’s weigh the pros and cons in 2023 This is probably the most popular topic when it comes to the housing market. We don’t want to sound. ... Learn More

Summer is Coming! Is it Time to Buy?

Summer’s Coming! Is it Time to Buy? Summer’s Coming! Is it Time to Buy? Traditionally, Spring and Summer is the signature season to buy a house. So, if you’re. ... Learn More

Big News for Mortgages – MI Reduction

Add Your Heading Text Here At Rapid Mortgage, we’re always trying to stay on top of the latest in industry news, and this breaking news is something we’ve been. ... Learn More

Why Buy ~ Why Buy Now?

Are you seeing indications and advertisements encouraging you to buy a new home now, despite the current rate environment? Things are changing and changing rapidly, it’s just an ongoing. ... Learn More

Private Flood Insurance

IN THIS CASE, CHANGE IS GOOD! If you live in a flood zone, effective December 21, 2022, homeowners with FHA-insured mortgages can get private flood insurance from companies that. ... Learn More

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