Thinking of Going it Alone? Think Again!

Buying a home is a major investment, and Rapid Mortgage is here to help, every step of the way. We highly recommend that you use a licensed Realtor to help you with this process; Realtors are members of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribe to a very strict code of ethics. We have a list of reasons why choosing to work with a realtor is crucial. 
A common theme during the homebuying process is paperwork. There is a wide variety of forms including reports, disclosures, legal and financial documents that are required, and your agent will know what’s required and can help you fill everything out correctly, avoiding delays and costly errors. Also, even if you’ve done your homework, it’s advantageous to have a professional assisting you who speaks real estate and knows all of the industry jargon.
A good realtor will walk with you through making a list of must-haves and even must-have-nots, and will honor your wishes and guide you through the home search with an unbiased eye. They’ll keep budget in mind and help you meet all of your goals with your new home. Agents also often have the inside scoop on amenities, zoning rules, and other features of your potential new neighborhood that can really help in your search.
For most of us, our home is the biggest purchase we’ll ever make, even if we make that purchase multiples times. It’s way more than just four walls and a roof, a shelter. When emotions threaten to get in the way of your decisions, the objective third party you’ll find in your realtor will have a huge impact.
When you are choosing your agent, be sure to ask if they’re a registered realtor, a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. Every member is obligated to adhere to its Code of Ethics, which is based on professionalism and service, and it does provide you with some reassuring protections.
Your realtor has access to a full range of tools for your search. Using a cooperative system called the MLS (multiple listing service), your agent can help you sort through all of the active listings that fit your wish list, alert you in real time as listings come and go, and provide recent sales data. Your agent will also help you save precious time by discarding properties that are still appearing on mainstream, public sites but are no longer on the market.
There are several things that come up during the process of homebuying, and your realtor can help with negotiating price, repairs, possession dates, etc. They’re your representative looking at everything from your point of view, and they will ensure you have plenty of time to come to a purchase agreement and do your due diligence before you’re bound to terms.
Because most often people only buy a handful of houses in a lifetime, it’s important to have someone in your corner who’s as up-to-date as possible on real estate laws and regulations, as they can change very quickly. Realtors can handle hundreds or thousands of transactions in their careers, and they receive updated training regularly.

At Rapid, we pride ourselves on getting people into the homes of their dreams as quickly as possible. 

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