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We know that buying a home is stressful. We’re ready to take the guesswork out of your mortgage so you can focus on finding the home of your dreams, packing your life up, passing inspections and sealing the deal. 

Whatever your life stage (first-time homebuyer with hesitations and tons of questions, or an empty nester looking forward to the next chapter) choosing a local lender is a wise option for many reasons. Put your mind at ease and your mortgage in good hands with local expertise. 

Here are some advantages of using a local lender:

Your local lender has an abundance of knowledge.

We maintain realtor relationships.

Your lender will have a vast, deep knowledge of the market in your area, meaning they’ll have the best understanding of property values and the local economy. When you partner with a lender like Rapid Mortgage, you’re teamed up with a licensed loan officer and team that consider themselves experts in the region you’re living in. We have all of the resources you need to choose the right loan, and we have a team of experts who will move your loan through the approvals process with speed and ease. Local lenders like us are willing to go the extra mile to make sure your experience is as stress-free as possible. 

Real estate agents are crucial partners in the homebuying process, and we make sure to keep solid relationships with realtors throughout the region we serve. Being local, we’re able to keep an eye on things in our area and serve our clients with hours that work for you. We’re reachable, and we can work with you and your realtor closely to meet all the deadlines along the way. If we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that personal, one-on-one interactions are the quickest and most comforting when talking through these huge life events like home buying. We’re available for you when you need us.

We offer personalized attention.

A local lender allows you to work face-to-face with your loan officer, eliminating a lot of stress and uncertainty during what can be an anxious time. You will never get a dreaded customer service phone line with automated voices and messages that get you nowhere. You’ll have a direct line phone number you can call or text as any issues arise. And we’re always available to set up an in-person meeting with you – that’s all part of our first-class client care.

We are a local lender with a proven track record of success!

Rapid Mortgage is a diverse group of industry professionals who are members of their local communities; even the owner is local to the office! We shop at the same grocery stores you do, get gas at the same gas stations, and live in the neighborhoods you are house-hunting in. Go local when it comes to your mortgage lender, and you’ll have confidence the loan officer has your best interest at heart-based on personal knowledge and expertise. 

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