The Rapid DIY Strategy Guide for Increasing Your Home’s Value – Part #1

If one of your goals for 2018 is to increase your home’s value, we have the perfect series for you! Over the next couple of months, we’re going to share four posts on the best DIY strategies to increase your home’s value.

To kick things off, let’s take a look at the five best DIY options for under $100 each:

 1.  Get a Professional Consultation

Since you’re planning to make a number of upgrades, it’s worth getting professional input from a local Cincinnati real estate agent or interior designer. While many real estate agents will do this for free, expect to pay a consultation fee if you decide to work with a designer.

Check with several designers around Cincinnati prior to making your choice. A typical hourly fee should be under $100. During the consultation, a designer can give you lots of ideas for needed improvements. Having suggestions that range from small changes like moving furniture to much larger ones can really impact your home.

 2.  Paint is Great

It’s hard to beat the bang for your buck that goes along with paint. You can add real value by refreshing a room with new paint. As far as which color to choose, you can’t really go wrong with neutrals. Expect to pay around $25 for a gallon of paint, and then add in other supplies like tape and rollers.

 3.  Hire an Inspector

Plenty of home improvements go beyond being just cosmetic. Whether it’s an issue with your roof or faulty wiring, these types of problems will only get worse. That’s why hiring an inspector can be a very good use of your home improvement budget. If an inspector catches something like a water leak early, the long-term savings you’ll experience by being able to fix it now will be huge!

 4.  An Easy Bathroom Upgrade

Bathrooms have a reputation for costing a good amount to renovate. While that can be true for a complete overhaul, smaller changes can really change the look and feel of this space. A great example is changing your mirror. If your current mirror is unframed, upgrading to a more custom look will elevate all the surrounding bathroom space.

 5. Reduce Your Home’s Energy Costs

It may seem like you pay roughly the same amount every month for energy. While that may be true, there’s still a good chance you’re overpaying. You can find out by getting a free home energy audit. This is something that your Cincinnati utility provider should be happy to perform. Once you identify any areas of your home that are wasting energy, you’ll be able to begin taking steps to reduce those costs. The great thing about energy improvements is they’ll continue paying dividends month after month.

We hope you got some great ideas from this post, and be sure to check back soon for the next installment in the Rapid Mortgage DIY series for increasing your home’s value!

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