Gregg gets it done as painless as possible. He is easy to work with and goes out of his way with service to his clients. He worked tirelessly to get it done as quick as possible without any hiccups. I highly recommend him!

Lori Borror

Mr. Esposito assisted my wife and I through our first home purchase. Mr. Esposito made this entire process such a breeze and was there for us from start to finish. You hear plenty of horror stories when it comes to buying and financing a new home, however with the guidance we received are process was painless. Mr. Esposito is very professional and eager to get things done quickly and accurately.

Chris Fanz

Len was very knowledgeable about the lending process as well as the home purchase process as a whole. I bought a home in Mississippi and Len was able to help me through every step of the lending process. This was my second time purchasing a home (first was in Pennsylvania) and Mississippi has a few speed bumps. Len was able to assist me in navigating through the process and it was much more enjoyable working with Len than it was with whoever the person was that helped me during my first home purchase (and refinance). From here on out, I’d like to use Len’s service in whenever I need a loan!

Thomas M.

Len was very engaged and helpful throughout the process and was able to get me a better deal than his competitors. I worked with Len for my original loan and my refi and would recommend him to anyone.

Matthew Castaldo

Len helped me buy my first home and was a pleasure you work with from beginning to end. Buying your first home is nerve racking to say the least and he helped ease my nerves and worries while guiding me through the process.Wonderful!

Alyse W.

Len was awesome. He made a tough deal happen and we were pleased. We will be using Len for all future financing needs, for sure.I have referred my family to Len. He did my sons mortgage to with equal professionalism and success.

David O.

Len is the best! Very knowledgeable, professional and helpful for us and others to whom I have referred to him.Len, his staff and the closer operated with great efficiency and courtesy. They answered every question and made us feel very comfortable and confident that we had the best product for our refinancing needs.You won’t be disappointed!

Gary A.

Very knowledgable, great service. They even came to my house for closing which made the process very easy and convenient. Highly recommend. We also used them for purchasing all three of our homes and a refinance.

Gina Whittle

I have not financed through Len YET! He has been extremely helpful in understanding how financing works, and has helped me get pre-approved while helping me stay within my budget. Very knowledgeable, and informative.

Dana L. Visi

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